Dortmund Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.'s  Operations & Manufacturing units are based in India at Dombivli, Thane, Maharashtra. The Location is selected as the best connectivity between Mumbai and JNPT port for better export communication. As past 30 years’ experience of manufacturing in General Formulations with Tablets, Capsules, Liquid & Ointments, Dortmund is having now World’s mastered manufacturing plant of EFFERVESCENT TECHNOLOGY with Tablets & Sachet Forms with successful production quality and export services.

The manufacturing facilities of Dortmund are equipped with advanced PLC based automated machines like RMG, FBD, Compression machines with AWC(Auto Weight Control) system and Auto-Rejection process. All activity areas have been prevented through physical and pressure barriers like Door interlocking systems and segregated dehumidified area for avoiding cross-contamination. Facilities are designed with unidirectional flow of Men and Materials movement and individual areas are designed with segregated dehumidifiers with automatic data recording monitors process control like Differential Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity. HVAC systems are controlled by Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). The facilities are well developed to maintain Product Quality and Efficiency.



 The individual capacity of Production per/month is as follows;

 Effervescent Tablets: 2 crore tablets

 Effervescent Sachets: 30 Lakh sachets

 General Tablets: 15 crore tablets

 Liquid Bottles: 10 Lakh Bottles

 Ointment Tubes: 3 Lakh tubes

 Capsules: 2 crore capsules

 The facilities are certified and approved by:

 WHO G.M.P, 

 NAFDAC- Nigeria, 

 Ministry of Health- Ivory Coast,

 Ministry of Health-Yemen, 

 Ministry of Health- Congo,

 Ministry of Health- Ghana, 

 Ministry of Health- Kenya.

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